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School House Rock T Shirt

school house rock t shirt

    school house
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    t shirt
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IMG 003479cr.JPG

IMG 003479cr.JPG

In April of 2003, I took a trip to St. Pierre with a bunch of other people from my classes for an event called Francoforum. It was a great time...I connected with a bunch of guys who I had known for years, but had drifted apart from in the years since I met them.

We were there for about 3 days. We took a bus from my high school to the ferry, and went across the water...

The guys and the girls stayed in separate bed-and-breakfast houses. In the mornings we would get up, shower, eat breakfast, help clean up, and then walk down to the Francoforum building for the morning's activities. I can't remember all of what we did, but there was cooking involved, games, and other stuff that wasn't bad, considering we were all teenagers, and teenagers typically hate group activities arranged by adults.

Whenever we were here, which was the main strip along the waterfront, there'd be these two Mustangs racing back and forth along the road. It was annoying, but funny to point it out at the same time.

One day, we went on a bus tour around the island, which included a stop in a bakery, where we all baked some bread...and stopped in another bakery and ordered a few boxes of these excellent French pastries, including this great one called "mille feuilles". When I went to France 5 years later, I went on a mission to find some French pastries on par with the ones in St. Pierre...but we went from town to town in Normandy and only one had such a bakery!

Another time, we went swimming at this indoor pool. I remember that when I got out and went to the changeroom, I had forgotten to bring a towel, so I dried myself off with my yellow long-sleeve t-shirt...which I've only worn maybe 0 times since then, haha. Keep in mind that it was still basically winter at that point, so the walk back to the B&B was on the cold side!

Another time we went to a bar...then another bar with some pool tables.

Another time, we went to a gym with our Economics teacher. He was this fairly small guy with glasses, but he was stronger than a lot of us, and that trip was a fun bonding experience between him and the guys. It made us learn that teachers can be jokesters when the context is right. I remember we took his watch hostage one day, for some reason or another.

Perhaps the best part of the trip is that I was big into rock & roll at the time; that year I had found myself as a musician, and I was always doing the Gene Simmons \m/ thing, with the thumb out...and by the end of it, in one group shot, all 32+ of us were giving the sign of the devil :D It was awesome!

I might add that this picture was not edited for color; I just cropped it a bit. I'm happy with how vivid the sky turned out!

105 4776

105 4776

From her School House Rock Bill t-shirt to her love of puppies, there is nothing I did not love about this little girl. I don't want kids, but if I had to have one...I'd want this one.

school house rock t shirt

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