Little Miss Bossy T Shirts

little miss bossy t shirts

    little miss
  • The Mr. Men is a series of 48 (46 published in English) children's books by Roger Hargreaves started in 1971; they feature characters with names such as "Mr. Tickle" and "Mr. Happy".

  • (Little Miss S.) Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars is the debut album by the American alternative rock band Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music). The album went 2x platinum in the United States.

    t shirts
  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • autocratic: offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power; "an autocratic person"; "autocratic behavior"; "a bossy way of ordering others around"; "a rather aggressive and dominating character"; "managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way"; "a swaggering

  • "Bossy" is a song by American R&B singer Kelis, featuring American rapper Too Short. Written by Kelis, Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford, Too Short, and Sean Garrett, it was released in the United States in May 2006 as the lead single (and final single in Australia) from Kelis' fourth studio album,

  • "Bossy" is a song written by R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and production-team Stargate for American pop singer Lindsay Lohan. The song became Lohan's first #1 hit on the Hot Dance Club Play chart.

  • Fond of giving people orders; domineering

little miss bossy t shirts - My Bossy

My Bossy Dolly

My Bossy Dolly

Sally is the perfectly sweet little girl every parent would love, and Betsy is her favorite doll. Sally and Betsy go everywhere and do everything together. But Betsy is prone to yelling, screaming, and complaining!
When Sally goes to bed, Betsy wants to stay up and drink milk. When Sally goes on the swing, Betsy wants to go higher. When Sally and her parents go to dinner, Betsy wants candy and ice cream. When Sally has to go home, Betsy refuses. Betsy is so bossy! It's a good thing Sally is not that way!

80% (13)

Bloody Apologies (6-28-9) #9

Bloody Apologies (6-28-9) #9

Jaina Lefevre is pacing back and forth, restless and fidgetty.

Rai Pawpad licks the cheeseburger grease off his fingers. "They took my pack, the ratbastards. Coulda left us my cards at least."

Jaina Lefevre nods. 'Yeah. Or something. Or my reader. I could read to ya or something."

Rai Pawpad nods. "You don't remember any stories? I do, but I get them confused sometimes."

Jaina Lefevre shrugs. "I remember some. But mostly I remember weapons specs and stuff. That's what I read a lot of."

Rai Pawpad: "That's gonna come in handy when we take over."

Jaina Lefevre goes and hangs on the mesh, kicking it with the side of her foot. "I'm BOOOOORRRed. I wanna get out."

Rai Pawpad watches her, having gone through the kicking stage a while ago. Now he's back in /me watches her, having gone beyond the kicking stage a while ago. He's settled into dread. "Me too. I tried to tunnel while you where sleepin, but all I did was break a claw. We need a tool."

Jaina Lefevre twines her fingers in the mesh and hangs from it. "We ain't got one. We ain't even got shoes."

Rai Pawpad looks at his feet, then pulls them up under him, his fingers curled around his toes. 'I don't want to be a mutant. Specially not a droolin one." He's quiet, almost talking to himself.

Jaina Lefevre looks over at him. "You won't be. They test stuff. I read about it. I don't wanna think about it though. It's bad."

Rai Pawpad: "Uh-huh." He doesn't want to think about it either, but his imagination's not cooperating. He hums a little to distract himself, rocking slightly. "Thinkin about other things now."

Jaina Lefevre looks over at him. "Like what? Like how mad Kimi is? or how mad Nellie's gonna be at me for gettin' you caught again?"

Rai Pawpad blinks. "No I wasn't thinkin about that. I was thinkin about the King, and the armor I'm gonna have someday. " He looks at her. "The Cohort's not gonna be mad at you, wasn't your fault."

Jaina Lefevre snorts a little. "Yeah, she is. She's mad at me about lotsa stuff."

Rai Pawpad: "She is?" He's surprised. "What, does she yell at you? She shouldn't, I'll tell her to stop."

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "She don't yell. She just gets mad. She was mad when I was friends with the Slingshot man and she was mad when I wasn't. She was mad 'cause I said you was special and it's just dumb. She's bossy too much."

Jaina Lefevre hugs her knees. "I bet my Moms are worried good now. And Sister D. How come it's taking them so long to do this?"

Tristaniel McMinnar swipes his entry card and enters. "Afternoon, campers. Remembered ye said ye were out of milk, so." He waggles a couple of individual-sized milk cartons with straws attached to the side.

Rai Pawpad bristles. "She's got no right bein mad about any of that. " He swallows. "Yeah, your moms should be lookin all over for you by now. Maybe somebody missed me, too." He doesn't sound to convinced of this last.

Jaina Lefevre looks at Rai, then at Tristan. "Tengu." she whispers to Rai and then just looks at Tristan. "Thank you." she offers coldly and hugs her knees. "Don't suppose you have a deck of cards or something?"

Rai Pawpad reaches for the milk, not one to waste supplies. "Yeah, give it here."

Tristaniel McMinnar reaches into a pocket and produces some paper and crayons. "And you wanted cards, guess O'm behind de times on what entertains kids today." A chuckle and he swipes to enter the cell. He crosses and hands the milk over. "Still cold."

Jaina Lefevre looks at Rai and then at Tristan. They could both jump him..maybe? She looks at Rai, then at Tris below them, then back at Rai.

Rai Pawpad takes the milk, and sucks it down. He catches Jai's glance, and eyes the pocket he's put the keycard in. "Yeah, cards. Jai's pretty good at poker, you wanna play?"

Tristaniel McMinnar nods. "Aye, could do." He notes their exchanged glances. "You plannin on hustlin me?"

Jaina Lefevre smiles so sweetly. "Course not." She tenses, then launches herself at Tristan's head, aiming to wrap herself around him and pull his hair and kick his wounded arm.

Tristaniel McMinnar is suddenly top-heavy by a bergen's worth in weight. Not expecting this, he crashes to the concrete floor. Thankfully, Jaina prevents the back of his head cracking off of the tiles. Something thumps into his freshly wounded arm and he screams, hot blood already staining the bandage.

Rai Pawpad dives off the bunk, his claws extended. He aims his shoulder into the man's midsection, hoping to knock him down, grappling with his claws to cling.

Jaina Lefevre sobs a breath. "Sorry! Sorry!" as she grabs his hair in her fists and lifts his head, slamming it as hard as she can against

Portrait of an Engineer #1

Portrait of an Engineer #1

I asked my colleagues to participate in a project wherein I took photos of them with my new obsession, the Holga, on two sides of the same frame. Naturally my favorite mad Canadian was well into the idea, and happily set about trying to strangle her own brain. A mechanical engineer by training, she is responsible for the care and feeding of the Cassini and Rosetta data archives, and does a bit of Cluster calibration on the side. She acts as the group's Safety Officer and is kind enough to let us know an inspection is coming by wearing her "Little Miss Bossy" t-shirt. She is also a proud dual citizen of the UK, has lived on most of the world's continents, cycles to work, and hates talking lifts.

little miss bossy t shirts

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